Rollout Your Dosha Series

Combining Yoga, Ayurveda & Myofascial Release for a more balanced you

In each workshop there will be a Dosha balancing yoga practice, and a body roll out session (to ease tension in the body) using yoga tune up® therapy balls. Then enjoy a post-class ayurvedic drink.


Why we roll: To prevent injury or recover from one, improves alignment and posture, re-sets stuck patterns in the body, provides better mobility, and more.... 

Please let your instructor know of any injuries, osteoporosis, or pregnancy.

Form fitting clothing is recommended for rolling ease.

Interested in learning more about Ayurveda?

To find out your dominant dosha, take this quiz.

Cost- $35 each 

More information coming soon. Space is limited.

Location- Madrona Apothecary & Healing Arts

Cooling the Fire- Pitta balancing workshop (fire/ water)  August 9th, 7:15- 9:15 pm

Cooling, relaxing, & grounding practice, followed by myofascial release for the core, jaw, head, hands and arms.

Vata balancing workshop (space/ ether) October/ November

Grounding mindful practice, followed by myofascial release for the low back, hips & pelvis, spine, and feet.

Kapha balancing workshop (earth/ water) February/ March

Myofascial release for the chest and shoulders, followed by a heating and energizing flow practice.

Should you wish to continue your myofascial release practice, there will be yoga tune up® therapy balls and Coregeous balls available to purchase.

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