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Sources: Yin training manual, Detox training with Juan Pablo Barahona, Wood Becomes Water book by Gail Reichstein,, Living with the Seasons webinar with Ashley Turner, for meridian jpgs

Most Yang of the Elements

Organs: Heart (yin) & Small Intestine (yang) 

Emotions: Joy, excitement, panic, anxiety

Climate: Hot

Flavor: Bitter

Color: Red

Connecting to: Blood vessels, face, & tongue


Seasonal Cycle: Summer

Stage in the Menstrual Cycle: Ovulation

Lunar cycle: Full moon

Cycle of Day: High sun/ midday

Human Life Cycle: Adolescence and early adulthood

Stage in the Manifestation Process: Full Manifestation, pure transformation

Yoga Asana: Core, arm balances, inversions, poses with arms raised or arm variations, backbends with arms overhead

Healing breath: Haaaa (hawww)

Balanced: Sense of spirituality, warmth, charisma, discernment, curiosity, humor, courage, generosity, connected, content

Fire in Deficiency: palpitations, pale complexion, restlessness, anxiety, cold hands & feet, disturbed dreams, insomnia, lack of joy, inability to follow through, stuttering or difficulty speaking, inability to form or maintain close personal relationships

Fire in Excess: dislikes hot weather, high blood pressure, restless, red face, blood circulation issues, inappropriate laughter, over-talking, hyperactivity, anxiety

Process: Receives and processes, "sorts out" what's usable (food, water, emotion and interpretation, discernment); Heart controls mental activities, circulation of blood, the tongue ("sprout of the heart")- speaking from the heart

Direction & energetic Flow: South, Upwards

Hours: 11 am- 1 pm Heart (eat lunch & socialize); 1-3 pm Small Intestine (body is digesting lunch, solve your problems & get organized)


Bitter Foods: Lettuce, arugula, dandelion, tomatoes, citrus peel, kumquats, apricots, sweet plums, raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb, peppers, hot chilis, cayenne, paprika, dark chocolate

Elemental Spirit: Shen- Revealing- the lead spirit

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