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Sources: Yin yoga training manual, Detox training with Juan Pablo Barahona, Wood Becomes Water book by Gail Reichstein,,


Most Yang of the Elements

Organs: Heart (yin), Small Intestine (yang), Pericardium (yin), Triple Warmer (yang) 

Emotions: Joy, excitement, panic, anxiety

Climate: Hot

Flavor: Bitter

Color: Red

Connecting to: Blood vessels, face, & tongue


Seasonal Cycle: Summer

Stage in the Menstrual Cycle: Ovulation

Lunar cycle: Full moon

Cycle of Day: High sun/ midday

Human Life Cycle: Adolescence and early adulthood

Stage in the Manifestation Process: Full Manifestation, pure transformation

Yoga Asana: Core, arm balances, inversions, poses with arms raised or arm variations, backbends with arms overhead

Healing breath: Haaaa (hawww)

Balanced: Sense of spirituality, warmth, charisma, discernment, curiosity, humor, courage, generosity, connected, content

Fire in Deficiency: palpitations, pale complexion, restlessness, anxiety, cold hands & feet, disturbed dreams, insomnia, lack of joy, inability to follow through, stuttering or difficulty speaking, inability to form or maintain close personal relationships

Fire in Excess: dislikes hot weather, high blood pressure, restless, red face, blood circulation issues, inappropriate laughter, over-talking, hyperactivity, anxiety

Process: Receives and processes, "sorts out" what's usable (food, water, emotion and interpretation, discernment); Heart controls mental activities, circulation of blood, the tongue ("sprout of the heart")- speaking from the heart

Direction & energetic Flow: South, Upwards

Hours: 11 am- 1 pm Heart (eat lunch & socialize); 1-3 pm Small Intestine (body is digesting lunch, solve your problems & get organized)


Bitter Foods: Lettuce, arugula, dandelion, tomatoes, citrus peel, kumquats, apricots, sweet plums, raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb, peppers, hot chilis, cayenne, paprika, dark chocolate

Elemental Spirit: Shen- Revealing- the lead spirit

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