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Sources: Yin training manual, Detox training with Juan Pablo Barahona, Wood Becomes Water book by Gail Reichstein,,, for meridian jpgs

Most Yin of the elements

Organs: Bladder (yang) & Kidneys (yin)

Emotions: Fear & Shock, Shame

Climate: Cold

Flavor: Salty

Color: Blue, black

Connecting to: Bones, ears, hair


Seasonal Cycle: Winter

Phase in the Menstrual Cycle: Menstruation

Lunar Cycle: New Moon

Cycle of Day: Night

Human Life Cycle: Water symbolizes both life and death: it is the womb from which all life emerges and the abyss to which it returns; Menopause

Stage in the Manifestation Process: Intention setting

Yoga Asana: Forward Folds, Gentle heart openers, restoratives or yin, introspective, meditation

Healing breath: Choo

Balanced: Wise, articulate, soothing presence, influential, resilient, consistent energy, balanced libido

Water in Deficiency: Pain in the low back and knees, feeling wired (nervous & restless), insomnia, night sweats,  fatigue, weakness, cold limbs, poor appetite, water retention, frequent urination

Water in Excess: Manic depression, bipolar disorder, abundance of Water's creativity

Direction & energetic Flow: North, downward towards earth

Hours: Bladder 3- 5 pm (Work, study, drink tea; the best time for efficient work. Drink more tea & water- detox!) Kidneys 5- 7 pm (Eat dinner & restore your energy. Put yourself first)

Salty Foods: Beans, seaweed & sea vegetables, Soy sauce & Tamari, figs, blueberries, blackberries, eggplant, kale, wild rice, walnuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds

Cooling foods should be eaten only when Water is deficient (not when conditions are cold and damp). 


Balanced lifestyle: Emphasize peace and stillness, seek the wisdom of your inner voice. Spend time sitting, sleeping, meditating. Try to spend a portion of your day doing nothing but reflecting. Take a bath, go for a swim, or listen to the ocean. Pay attention to your dreams, keep a dream journal to write down images.

Elemental Spirit: Zhi "will" The will to act, aligning our will with the "will of Heaven"

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