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Colleen Bell

Trauma Informed Yoga- Mindful Movement for a Sustainable Practice
Cyclical Wellness

Meet Colleen

I have been practicing Yoga for almost 20 years and teaching since 2013. This path of Yoga has helped me with depression, anxiety, grief, and chronic fatigue. It continues to give me space to embrace both my shadow and my light. As a trauma survivor, Yoga has helped me be more present in my body and strive to find balance in my nervous system. I'm blessed to be on this path and so grateful to be able to share emotional healing through yoga, with others.

I believe that Yoga is much more than the physical (asana) practice and hope that students leave my classes feeling balanced.  I incorporate Chinese Medicine and seasonal awareness into my classes. I am passionate about women's health and embracing the cycles of life. I enjoy being playful and challenging, while also bringing individual alignment awareness to my classes. I encourage you to come join me outside your comfort zone and find acceptance of yourself in your practice.

My classes are fun and accessible. I take a functional movement approach, using action cues to guide students to a deeper awareness of their bodies. I offer mindful movement for a sustainable practice. (Where am I trying to engage or stretch, what is the purpose of this movement versus this shape should look a certain way.) I enjoy bringing in a balance of stability, mobility & strength to create openness and balance.

You will hear a lot of encouragement to listen to your body and breath; to work with where you are in that moment. Plus there are always variations (find the one that works best for you!) Each class starts with centering, breath awareness, & meditation, as a foundation for the rest of your practice.


In my spare time, I love snuggling with my cat, Galadriel. I enjoy reading and spending time in nature.  



200 Hour Certification with Kathleen Hunt at Samadhi Yoga, Seattle, WA, March 2013

500 Hour Self Study Certification with Twist Yoga, Edmonds, WA, October 2019

Yin Yoga with Janell Hartman- 20 hours- February 2016

Ayurveda on Your Mat with Kate Towell- 20 hours- January 2018

Myofascial Release for Yoga and Wellness- 10 hours- March 2017

Yoga Nidra- 15 hours- March 2019

Prenatal Modifications- 15 hours- December 2018

Yoga for Emotional Wellness with Christy Fisher & Laura Yon/ Phinney Ridge Yoga, Seattle- 35 hours- March/ April 2018

Common Injury training with Jason Crandell- 21 hours- November 2018

Find Your Cener- Teacher Renewal with Jason Crandell- 20 hours- May 2017

Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) with Morgan Vanderpool-  Tacoma, WA, 16 hours- January 2018

3 Wisdom Traditions (Yoga, Ayurveda & Psychology) online with Kathryn Templeton- 12 hours- February 2018

500 Hour Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist certification with Tiffany Cruikshank (in progress)

Chinese Medicine & Yoga- 26 hours- July 2018

Mental Health & Wellness- 60 hours- August 2019

Women's Health and Wellness- 24 hours- November 2020

Nervous System & Restorative Yoga- 55 hours- May- July 2021

Spine Anatomy- 24 hours- February 2020

Yoga Anatomy Training online Immersion- Yoga Intl- 20 hours

Prenatal MFR- January 2024

Menstrual Cycle Wellness, Menopause, and more

Yoga Medicine Women's Health and Wellness- 24 hours- November 2020

Yin Yoga, Fascia, and Mindfulness

Insight Yoga teacher training Primary Level with Sarah Powers, Seattle, WA- 70 hours- September 2018

Fascia, Form & Functional Flow with Karen Sprute-Francovich- Seattle, WA- 12 hours- January 2020

Yin Yoga, Myofascial Release, and MyoYin with Nicky Hadjithoma- 30 hours- January 2021

Sequencing for Yin Yoga with Jo Phee- 10 hours- February-May 2021

Miscellaneous trainings

Yoga for Trauma with Lisa Danylchuk, June 2023

Yoga Therapeutics with Amy Ippoliti, Seattle, WA- 27 hours- September 2018

Trauma Informed Yoga- 1 day training with Zabie Yamasaki, Seattle, WA- April 2018

and online course- Transcending Trauma with Yoga- 24 hours- May 2020

Five Elements of Yoga w/ Saul David Raye, Sianna Sherman, Juan Pablo Barahona, Janet Stone, Sreedevi K. Bringi/ Online Immersion- Hanuman Academy- 35 hours- July 2017

Creative Sequencing with Sheri Celentano and Jamie Silverstein/ The Grinning Yogi, Seattle, WA

Some Workshops through the years

Cyclical Wisdom Quest w/ Alexandra & Sjanie of Red School- March 2024

Transforming the Five Negative Emotions- Yin Series w/ Stephanie Nosco May/ June 2021

Yin and the Five Spirits with Stephanie Nosco- February/ March 2021

Balancing the Pelvis with Leila Stuart- May 2018

Chakra Activation with Anodea Judith- May 2018

Weekend workshops with Sianna Sherman- December 2017

Energy Medicine Yoga with Lauren Walker- September 2017

Weekend workshops with Noah Maze- May 2016

Photos of Colleen by the amazing Sukha Design & Photography


In person Studio Classes

Gentle Yoga 

Magnolia Yoga & Healing Arts- in person

Sundays 10:30 am

(no class 7/7)


Magnolia Yoga & Healing Arts- in person/ virtual

Sundays 11:40 am- 12:10 pm

(no class 7/7)


Prenatal- June 29 & July 6

Aditi Yoga- in person

10- 11:15 am

Prenatal- July 7

Aditi Yoga- in person/ virtual

11 am- 12:15 pm

Virtual Classes

You can also practice with me on YouTube 



"Colleen appeals to beginners and advanced practitioners alike because she's all about creating balance...not tricks.  She uses her knowledge of Chinese medicine and the energetics of specific yoga postures to help you feel refreshed and alive after every class." Camron M.

Photos of Colleen by the amazing Sukha Design & Photography


Coming soon

Yoga at Home

Get In Touch

Thank you for visiting my web site! I am currently based in Seattle, WA. I offer private and semi private classes, customizable to your individual or group needs. Send a message below for pricing or for questions on upcoming workshops and retreats.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.  

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