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Photo by Sukha Design & Photography

Sources: Yin training manual, Detox training with Juan Pablo Barahona, Wood Becomes Water book by Gail Reichstein,,

Organs: Spleen (yin) & Stomach (yang)

Emotions: worry, over thinking, 

Flavor: Sweet

Color: Yellow, orange, and brown

Connecting to: muscles,  mouth & lips


Seasonal Cycle: Late Summer/ Early Autumn

Phase in the Menstrual Cycle: Early Luteal (days 15-21 of a 28-day cycle), space between each phase

Lunar Cycle: Waning Gibbous Moon

Cycle of Day: Mid afternoon, Early evening

Human Life Cycle: Middle Years- a time of stabilization and the creation of home, family, livelihood, and community

Stage in the Manifestation Process: Assimilation, gratitude, receiving

Yoga Asana: Standing poses, lunges, belly down backbends, twists

Healing breath: Hu (whooo)

Grounding meditation here

Balanced: calm, good memory, objective, organized, concentration/ focus, loyal, easily gives & receives nurturing, open to change, strong digestion (food & sensory intake), forms healthy boundaries

Earth in Deficiency: fatigue, weak muscles, dry lips & skin, bad breath, loose stools, craving sugar, poor appetite, mental spaciness, loneliness

Earth in Excess: heavy feeling in head or limbs, dull headache, sinus congestion, constipation, worry, clutter, over thinking, attachment

Direction & energetic Flow: the middle, encompasses the whole

Hours: 7-9 am Stomach (Breakfast, good concentration, walk, yoga); 9-11 am Spleen (Clear thinking, most productive, food converted to Qi)

Process: Managing abundance, Assimilation, stabilizing, digesting & processing, balance, harvesting the fruits of our labors

Earth & Food: Eating regular meals, eating calmly, chewing completely, don't eat late at night (at least 3 hours before bed), food should be cooked (raw and cold foods are hard to digest), drink beverages at room temp or warmer


Sweet Foods: Grains, potatoes & sweet potatoes, beans, nuts, apples, apricots, cherries, corn, dates, figs, beets, carrots, squash, coconuts, licorice, ginseng

Refined and processed sugars weaken the spleen


Balanced lifestyle: Regularity & routine, sufficient amounts of work and rest, balanced mental & emotional habits, avoiding overindulgence 

Elemental Spirit: Yi- intellect

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