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Awaken & Heal Your Soul

A Women's Yoga & Reiki Retreat

August 31- September 3rd, 2018

Nectar Yoga B&B, Bowen Island, BC

Imagine standing in your personal power, strong & confident in who you truly are, without fear or apology.

Accept yourself, as you are in all your glory!

Let your light shine bright! Goddesses you are so worth it!


Feeling stressed or frustrated? Needing some self care? Our retreat aims to help you find balance and awareness of where you might be holding emotions or repeated patterns in your life.

This intimate Women's Weekend retreat is for all women and those identifying as female who are looking for a gathering designed to heal, reconnect, & transform. Through yoga, breath, meditation, & energy work, we will face our shadows and embrace our light. Together we will stand strong in our strengths and soft in our vulnerability. This will be  a deeply healing & transformative journey. Give yourself the gift of self care. Experience a weekend of connection, renewal, & self discovery.

Our Weekend includes:
-Our yoga sessions will work with the qualities of each Element, emotions, and the meridians (energy channels) of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncturists use these same energy channels during treatments.
Classes will be a blend of Hatha, flow & yin, with energy and breath work. Each class will be unique. We start with a short discussion on each Element with some journaling and discussion time, then move into a Yoga practice designed to help balance that Element.
Are you new to Shadow work or unfamiliar with Chinese Medicine? That's ok! This retreat is for everyone looking for balance in their lives and a deeper understanding of who they are!
Your individual Reiki session will also work with your energy body to help release what might be stuck. It's the perfect compliment to the work we are doing!

-Individual 30 minute Reiki session

-Delicious catered meals
-Daily journaling and discussions on the Elements 
-Energy work and breath to release stuck emotions

-Free time to yourself in nature (with options to explore Bowen Island) 

-Laughter, tears, stories, & more!

Sample Daily Itinerary:

Friday August 31

3 pm check in

4:00-6:00 pm Opening circle & light yoga practice

6:00 pm Dinner

Saturday September 1

7:30 am Breakfast, journaling

8:30-10:30 am Yoga practice focused on the Water Element

10:30 am- 12:30 pm Walk & meditation, free time

12:30 pm- Lunch (Water Element)

Free time with options for walking, kayaking, sauna

4:00-6:00 pm Yoga practice focused on the Wood Element

6:30 pm Dinner (Wood Element)

Sunday September 2

7:30 am Breakfast, journaling

8:30-10:30 am Yoga practice focused on the Fire Element

10:30 am- 12:30 pm Walk & meditation, free time

12:30 pm- Lunch (Fire Element)

Free time with options for walking, kayaking, sauna

4:00-6:00 pm Yoga practice focused on the Earth Element

6:30 pm Dinner (Earth Element)

Monday September 3

7:30 am Breakfast, journaling

8:30-10:30 am Yoga practice focused on the Metal Element

Closing Circle

12 pm Checkout  

Lunch to go (Metal Element)

Your body houses your suppressed thoughts & emotions. Clearing emotional energy is so important for a healthier you. The work will center around our Shadow Self, finding awareness and acceptance of our sometimes unconscious patterns. This allows us to develop a good relationship with our inner child and become the best version of ourselves.

It takes courage to cultivate/nurture the Self & I'm honored to partner with you on your healing journey! 
Ladies- you are Unique! You are Amazing! You are Loved! You are a Superwoman! You give so much of yourself to others- isn’t it your time now? What is holding you back? Step into your Power! Join us!

Water Element- Fear, Introspection, Wisdom
Wood Element- Anger, Frustration, Stress, Courage, Assertiveness 
Fire Element- Joy, Connection, Panic, Anxiety, Hurt, Passion 
Earth Element- Worry, Over-thinking, Self care, Supportive
Metal Element- Grief, Sadness, Letting go, Discernment, Self Worth


Imagine the abundance of new friendships with like minded women who are on the same path. See what the results of doing your inner work could bring to your life in the coming months and years!

Where are your beliefs and patterns preventing you from living the life you deserve? This retreat is life changing. Find new awareness and compassion for yourself as you learn to live from a space of love.

On this journey, you will:

  • Recognize how powerful your gifts are, feel grateful for who you are, and acknowledge all you’ve accomplished.

  • Identify and break through personal barriers that are keeping you from creating the life of your wildest dreams.

  • Reconnect with what’s important to your heart and soul and strengthen your practice of living a life based on your intuition and guidance.


If you’ve been running nonstop these days and your body, mind or soul are run down, then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Unplug & unwind. Find balance as you recharge your Soul's battery.

After all, there’s no way you can dream bigger and support others if you don’t amplify your soul-care first!

Time to yourself within the support of the group is guaranteed to shake your soul free and rejuvenate you.

This journey is for you if...

  • You want to integrate mental/emotional transformation into the asana (physical) practice

  • You want to enhance your relationships (with yourself & others)

  • You are ready for your next level of self discovery and shadow work to finally heal old wounds

  • You are committed & courageous enough to do your own Shadow Work, own your own sh*t, and take 100% responsibility for every outcome in your life

  • You want to transmute your wounds into wisdom

  • Integrate and reframe past traumas once and for all

  • You deeply care about helping more people and making the world a better place


Bowen Island is a dreamlike emerald isle set amidst verdant pine forests and shimmering sapphire waters of the Howe Sound in British Columbia, Canada. A nature lover's paradise, it's reached by a 20-minute ferry ride from Vancouver which along the way, showcases some of the prettiest coastal scenery of the Howe Sound.
It's an idyllic retreat destination studded with crystal clear lakes, picture-perfect beaches, coniferous crown forests, and many hiking trails- a place where absolute serenity awaits. 

Our home-away-from-home for the weekend is a sustainable, purpose built retreat center nestled amongst 100 foot tall pine trees on 1.2 acres of pristine forested land that exudes an air of exquisite peace. Throughout the common areas as well as the guest accommodations, a laid-back/modern west-coast vibe prevails, evoking a feeling of ease that allows for a letting go of the cares and stresses of daily life. Because this tiny island paradise is 3.7 miles wide and 7.5 miles long, getting around is seamless. The retreat house is just a couple minutes walk to the beach, a 20 minute walk (or 5 minute drive) to Snug Cove and has access to many forest hiking trails.

Bicycles and a kayak are available for use and hammocks are at your disposal should you wish to nap or read under the trees. Daily yoga practices will be in their beautiful geodesic, heated yoga dome, with a view of nature. This small space allows for greater intimacy and group connection. Their accommodations provide a space for relaxation, without letting go of the comforts of home. ​All guest rooms feature comfy + cozy bedding. Bathrooms are equipped with fluffy towels as well as all natural, eco-friendly body wash, shampoo, conditioner and hand soap. 
There will be lots of free time in between sessions. Hike, swim, cycle, kayak, relax in a hammock, read, nap or treat yourself to an in-room massage. Nectar Yoga also offers tarot card readings and a Finnish Sauna on site.

Nectar Loft- *FULL

This suite features a light and airy living room with a high-pitched ceiling, custom made pull-out sofa with a super comfy memory foam mattress and a calming color scheme accented with natural decorative elements. The sleeping loft is graced with a triangular window that runs the length of the wall and the pitch of the roof from which you can view the trees right from your bed. The charming kitchenette is outfitted with a small fridge, electric kettle and a selection of local coffee and tea. Get creative using the art supplies provided in the inspiration box, read from a variety of books, play cards, board games or simply gaze at the stars from your cottage deck. En suite bathroom. 1 queen bed and 1 pull-out sofa/double bed. 

Forest Cottage- *FULL

Garden Suite- *FULL

Located on the lower level of the main house, this thoughtfully designed suite is your restful home-away-from-home. The open living space features a separate entry, small sofa, electric kettle and assorted herbal teas. The picture window looks out onto the garden, letting the morning sunlight in. En suite bathroom. 2 twin beds.

Main House- Master bedroom-  *FULL

The Master bedroom is located in the Main House. It has a Queen Bed on the main level and a Double Bed in the sleeping loft. The Master Bedroom uses the detached bathroom on the upper floor.

Main House- Guest Bedroom- *FULL

*All accommodations are double occupancy

*Photos courtesy of Nectar Yoga B & B



-3 nights accommodation at the lovely Nectar Yoga B & B- double occupancy
-Full Yoga Immersion programming (a total of six- 2 hour yoga classes, energy activations and pranayama, guided journaling, deep conversations, teachings on the 5 Elements and corresponding emotions)
-9 delicious vegan meals (freshly prepared on site by Elizabeth Kovar)
-Individual 30-minute Reiki session provided by Camron Momyer
-Full use of the retreat grounds and amenities, including 2 bicycles and 1 kayak
-Complimentary filtered water & tea
-Access to many forest hiking trails and a short walk to the Sound
-Private Facebook group
-Gift bag with self care items
-Complimentary WiFi

Not included: Transportation to & from the retreat site, ferry costs, insurance (personal, medical, trip cancellation)


optional: in room massage (book in advance), Finnish sauna experience ($25 for up to 3 people), tarot reading, scooter rental, bike or kayak rental

What to bring: Your openness to explore, learn, and let go of anything holding you back.

Your passport (if you don't live in Canada), comfortable clothes to practice yoga in, yoga mat, journal & something to write with, water bottle, walking shoes, layers for cooler evenings, bathing suit


Our delicious meals will be plant based and themed around the 5 Tastes to balance out the Elements. All meals will be freshly prepared on site by Elizabeth Kovar. 

Elizabeth Kovar M.A. is an award-winning vegan fitness trainer, author of Finding Om: An Indian Journey of Rickshaws, Chai, Chapattis and Gurus and international freelance writer and fitness presenter for BOSU and the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Elizabeth studied yoga in six different countries and lived abroad in Australia (twice), India and Germany. Elizabeth is the creator of her vegan food and travel blog at: and

If you have food allergies or restrictions, please let us know.


Camron Momyer will be providing guests with a 30- minute individual Reiki healing session on retreat.

"In 2011 I completed my level 3 Reiki certification with Marie Manuchehri and began to entertain the idea that I may be capable of offering energy work to other people. Then, under the mentorship of Nicole Walsh in 2014 things began to click. I began to trust my abilities as a healer and it was no longer a matter of if but when. I felt like a fish that had finally found water and had no desire to go back to dry land." Find out more about Camron & Soul Sourced Energy Healing.

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